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Project Robotics,Chennai

[8 hours /Day]

About Us:

Projects in robotics & automation is held in a center of excellence in Robotics, which is known for its research and innovation unit. This unit is accompanied by a state of the art skill development hub, located at Perungudi, OMR, Chennai.

Its innovative programs & research are well planned and carefully developed to ensure students receive the best technological solutions and its engineers cope with the most advanced and demanding technologies in the world.

Field of Project:

Industrial Robotics:

Incumbents will be working on building solutions on Automation Systems, Robotics and for 5 major industrial applications: Material Handling, Dispensing, Palletizing, Machine Tending & Robot Safety. These projects will be based on ABB’s Industrial Robots using offline programming methodology with ABB’s Robot Studio.

Mobile Robotics:

Incumbents will design, model, optimize & prototype mobile robots for service industry such as housekeeping, surveillance, inspection and domestic assistance.

Project Approach:

  • Problem statement analysis
  • Literature survey
  • Project charter
  • Project Execution
  • Project Progression
  • Project Documentation
  • Novelty Recognition

  • Total Project Duration: 10 - 12 Weeks / 3 Months / 300 Hours
    Lab Schedule (@ Prag Robotics): 1 Day / Week (8 hours / Week)
    Literature Survey & Project Analysis (@ College / Library): 12 hours / Week
    Weekly Project Documentation (@ Students Premises): 7 hours / Week.

Benefits of Project

  • Get guidance from experts associated with an R&D lab
  • Build your own projects with the right industry techniques
  • Work on advanced applications that make an impact in the industry
  • Opportunity to participate in career opportunities from Prag Robotics and associate organisations


  • Only Diploma,UG and PG students can attend
  • College ID card is mandatory. Those who fail to bring the same will not be permitted to attend
  • Department: All Diploma and UG Students,Year: 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th
  • Transportation would be given based on the trip you choose.Please verify this with our executive before booking

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What to do incase you don't have your ID card?

Please get a bonafide from your college mentioning your name, year, department and roll no.

Do i need a permission letter from college to participate in intellectual industrial visit?

A formal permission letter to visit the factory is not mandatory.

Can one student alone participate in intellectual industrial visit from a college?

Yes, any number of students can participate based on the availability of seats.

Is food included in the trip cost?

No, food is not included in the trip cost.

Is transportation included in the trip?

Transportation will be provided based on the trip and only within the city.Please verify with our executive before proceeding with the booking.

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