Interesting Inplant Training for students | Edu2020


Inplant training is most required by the college students and our team is constantly working and helping students to get inplant trainings. As a new initiative, the students who have already participated in our i2v are eligible to request inplant trainings with our tied-up companies.

We would share your resume with our tied-up companies and if you match the skillset of their requirements, the companies would get back to you. This is open only for UG, PG and Diploma students.

Terms and Conditions

1) Applying doesn't mean you are guaranteed with the inplant training.

2) The decision is solely taken by the companies.

3) This is only for UG, PG and Diploma students.

4) You are bound to the terms and conditions of Edu2020 and also companies providing you the inplant training.

5) Inplant training doesn't guarantee you any job opportunities with the companies.

6) You should have participated in atleast any one of the i2v.

7) The stipend is solely decided by the companies which offers inplant training.