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Schools play a very crucial role in the life of every student. They influence their future and their eventual career choice .Educational institutions face problems in furnishing real world exposure to students and in guiding them pragmatically to achieve their dreams and goals. A secondary level student must contemplate what he/she wants to become in the future, to be innovative and successful in his/her professional career.

Edu2020TM along with educational institutions aims at imparting factual professional values and providing relevant exposure helping students tackle challenges thrown at them through VALUE TRIPS.


What We Do?

We at Edu2020TM provide our services to three grades in school level

-> 8th standard

-> 9th standard

-> 11th standard


8th Standard & 9th Standard

At this stage of school life students start dreaming about what they want to become in the future. They set goals for themselves. Various career choices are available to them.

This is the right time to shape their thoughts and guide them towards their goals. Edu2020™ provides valuable assistance to schools and parents in this task and helps provide a spark in students that can enable them to span great heights.


11th Standard

Students in this grade have already made major strides towards selecting their career path. They would have chosen one among the following subject groups

-> Medicine

-> Engineering

-> Arts

Now students have to make a decision on their area of specialization. For example areas of specialization in engineering include

-> Computer Science

-> Information Technology

-> Mechanical

-> Civil

-> Electronics and Communication

-> Electrical and Electronics

-> Chemical

Edu2020TM helps students discover their passion and pursue a career path of their liking.



Discovering The True Self

Having selected a particular field, a person can discover that he is interested in a completely different field. Therefore it is the responsibility of the teachers and parents to discover the innate talents of a person and shape him accordingly. This process though is not easy. Our ValueTrips provides a platform for students to express themselves thus easing this discovery process.

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The essence of Edu2020TM is education through travel. We believe that education can become complete only when theoretical knowledge is supplemented with industry oriented real-time experience.

Our I2v model strives to achieve this via travel and collaborative learning. It provides access to a world outside classrooms that can be fun and thoroughly informative at the same time.


What Is The Problem That Is Solved



The prevailing problem is that even graduates who are theoretically strong find it difficult to handle real world situations. The industry has reacted to this by creating a benchmark for skills that a graduate must possess in order to be truly successful. To meet this benchmark it is necessary to shift our focus towards innovation and open ended problems. The I²v initiative accomplishes this by facilitating students to spend time on workshops and laboratories in industries.

During the Intellectual industrial Visit students learn through practice, thus etching subject concepts in memory.

Our I2v program focuses on

->Hands-on training

->Active learning through travelling

Edu2020TM aims to equip students with practical skills, enabling them to tackle challenges posed by the industry with confidence. We also aim to promote in budding graduates

->Holistic Thinking

->Subject Curiosity

->Entrepreneurship skills

Edu2020TMprovides an opportunity for each person to pursue his dream, for only in this passionate pursuit one discovers his true identity.


What we do ?

We have the best industry partners tied up with us. Edu2020™ experts interact with the students about current opportunities and guide them on the work strategy they ought to follow after getting into an industry. They provide them opportunities to combine knowledge with their interests. For example a mechanical engineering student who is interested in Computer Science is trained to develop an Automation process using computer technology. Through this the student will be able to work on the field they have chosen as well as their field of interest. We at Edu2020™ have such expert teams who provide different opportunities to students.

We at Edu2020TM provide our services to three grades in College level

->2nd year

->3rd year

->Final year


2nd year students

It is one important phase of students’ life, as in this stage they come to know whether they are passionate or not about the field they have currently chosen. Also they evaluate if they are capable of making a successful career in that field. There is always a thought in students’ mind that they would adapt themselves to whatever career they chose, despite their interest.

Instead they should find out what their passion is and then try choosing the desired career. In this important phase of life it is the duty of the parents and lecturers in college to guide them towards their passion. Edu2020™ helps all colleges, lecturers and parents to perform this task. We at Edu2020™ take the students on Intellectual Industrial Visits and show them the current industry standards and provide them a wide variety of opportunities, of which India is a treasure pot. We help them hunt down the opportunities and be the best in the work they do. This gives them a sense of pride and satisfaction.



3rd year Students


Students in this stage of college do not have an option of changing their career path as they have already spent 2 years in honing their subject related skills. They should possess in-depth knowledge and practical skills in their field of specialization. We guide students on core subject learning and also on pursuing higher study opportunities like MS and ME. Our experts help the students in deciding and choosing their career path and train them on working towards it.


Final year students

Final year students are on the cusp of getting employed. Our I²v shows these students the workflows in industries and how the industry works in real time. It also helps them identify entrepreneurship opportunities available in industries.

On receipt of request from colleges our expert team from all over India would conduct courses related to entrepreneurship and other skills for students to make them knowledgeable and adapt themselves to industry work life.

We welcome all colleges, institutions, universities, students, parents and teachers to join us.

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